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end of life services

My practice is based on the specific needs of the individual and their loved ones. The services that I provide are designed following the initial conversation with the client and family/loved ones to determine their needs and desires. These services include:


  • Serving as a companion to the individual and as a support person to their loved ones.

  • Providing emotional, spiritual, and practical (non-medical) support.

  • Facilitating a life review that may include important conversations about unfinished business, discussing regrets, expressing appreciation, all in service of acknowledging and releasing emotions and finding meaning.

  • Legacy work.

  • Planning and holding vigil at the bedside wherever the individual calls home.

  • Early grief and bereavement support.

  • Referrals to resources that are beyond the scope of my practice.


Doula services can be adapted to provide support to loved ones when the person who is at the end of life is unable to participate in conversations, life review, legacy projects, etc. Loved ones can still work on these activities and benefit greatly from these processes.

End of life doulas are not medical professionals, therefore, I do not provide any type of medical care (administer medications, provide medical advice, etc.), I do not make decisions—medical or otherwise—for the client. My role is to support, empower, and educate the client and their loved ones.


advance care planning guidance and support

Advance Care Planning–discussing and documenting your wishes for your healthcare and who will speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself–is a way to make your wishes known to your loved ones and your healthcare team. Having an advance directive in place can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. I can help guide you through this process and facilitate conversations with your loved ones.

support for the friend/loved one

Perhaps you have someone in your life who recently received a terminal diagnosis and you're just not sure what to say or you question how to be with them in a supportive way. I am available to listen and provide guidance and suggestions about ways to bridge the connection during a time that can often stir up stress, fear, and anxiety.


community education

I value open and honest conversations about topics related to death, grief, bereavement. My Vision is: A community and culture in which conversations about death and dying are integrated into our lives, recognizing that acknowledging this fundamental, shared human experience can enhance the precious time that we have on the earth. I am available for workshops and to facilitate conversations at places of worship, community organizations, book groups, and in any other ways in which people gather.


I offer an initial consultation at no cost via phone, Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime, so that we can meet and I can describe my services and answer your questions.

package pricing

A package price will be determined based on your unique needs following our initial conversation. A Service Agreement will be completed before our collaboration begins. Please inquire about my sliding scale if you have concerns about payment.

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